Kind of dope Toot UI. Tho we would skin these so they had a nuomorphic hoamie look and feel

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look and feel for Toot! app. (Pasted screenshot into text window.

@reichou yes this is correct. The question becomes - how could a community create breakout groups?

@reichou I did. Do you see anything on the far right column? I named it The Feast (experimental), but all it seems to do is collect users who are in that group under a subdirectory. It does not create a private group.

Hi @reichou ! I have created a list for us (which I believe is a private group, but need to dive deeper).

Are you excited!

I think we should take advantage of that 'not-knowing' and skin both our subnet (Messenger) app and mastodon so they look and feel complementary.

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@un1crom answered this by saying that while Twitter has groups, which are essentially subnets - tho I think everyone can see their posts, which is not what hoam's communities nec want - but that people don't really understand they're all the same thing.

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I’d like to get insight on the configuration of the subnets. Do we think telegram (messengers) are a differentiatable addition to mastodon? Facebook has its text service. Hoamhas both the ‘promenade’ where all members meet and play, and the channels (messengers), which are their ‘camps’ where they do their own specific ‘work’.

Or are these both the same tech just with different purposes and functionality.

@un1crom did you change anything? suddenly my bob marley is playing in here!

@un1crom this feed not great at all with the media posts - ie can't run videos in feed, no article graphics. Is that a function of privacy (ie - not letting outside sites where data is originating see user actions?)

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No more internal power struggle;
We come together to overcome the little trouble.
Soon we'll find out who is the real revolutionary,
'Cause I don't want my people to be contrary.

@un1crom trying to figure out how it works on terms of launching new groups - or channels. Is that possible or is each instance one feed only.

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community promenade for